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Wedding Photographers: Perfect Your Client Experience
It's time to streamline your business. No more guesswork, just focusing on getting your systems in place and getting back to what you do best!
Streamlining your photography business does not have to be complicated, rather it will save you time and energy while improving the experience of your clients. The more that you can help people self-select their offerings without much direction from you, the more you have the ability to deliver your offerings - more time to delight once clients say yes.

A lot of times, getting software setup is overwhelming. There are so many little details that have nothing to do with the tech needed to setup, but more to do with what you should say and when.

This is why I created the Wedding Photographer Client Experience workflow - to give you the what to say, what to share, and when of being a Wedding Photographer. Use it to set up your own software, save time getting details to your software setup person, or just figure out what your workflow should look like when the software company sets it up for you.
If you are overwhelmed, that's why this exists.
This fourteen-page document includes ALL the emails you need to create the perfect client experience PLUS what you need to cover in all your guides, your questionnaire, even your proposal. While every Photographer is different, there are some key points to cover in your business collateral, and I cover that all for you too! This is a google doc that you can copy and paste into your own account and edit to your hearts' content.
No more sitting around figuring out what to say while you try to automate all the things.
No more getting stuck when your software integrator asks what you want in your software setup.
No more thinking up all the emails you need - they are all written out for you. You can adjust or not, it's up to you.
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