Simplifying Business Processes and Automation for Organizations
The Future of Organizations is Automation

As organizations start to plan for the future, thoughts flow to automation. While this is a great opportunity for any organization, there is much to think about before creating automated processes. This is where business processes need to be addressed - by the members of the organization.

This is why I speak on the process of leveraging current team member processes, creating standard procedures to drive excellence, and preparing your current workflows to leverage automation tools - like Airtable. I have spoken in many capacities since starting in 2011. From speaking at industry groups about defining marketing workflows to structuring business workflows, to creating efficiencies in organizations.

Conference Speaker

Some selected recent engagements include:

Creating More Efficient Distributed Teams - ZapConnect, Speaker

How Airtable Can Enable You to Solve Real Business Problems - Daretable, Keynote with Christy Roach from Airtable.

Efficient Matching: Using Processes and Systems to Simplify Agency Management - APNA Agencies Conference, Keynote

Cross-Platform Automation - Airtable User's Conference, Featured Speaker and Chair

Practical Trainings

In addition to conference speaking engagements, I also provide detailed training sessions for industry groups and business development centers.

Business Processes and Automation Series - Southwest Indiana Small Business Development Center

Process, Systems, and Automation - Oh My! - APNA Business Building Webinar

Hi! I'm Jen! I have obtained my Masters of Business Administration with a focus in Business Analytics and Entrepreneurship from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I have eleven years of experience systemizing businesses, 10 years of experience in various industries before that (from Real Estate Investment Companies, Real Estate Development, Luxury Sales, Wholesale Distribution, Corporate Accounting, and Inventory Management), and I grew up in an engineering/build firm for bulk material handling. I have extensive experience translating the needs of users to software developers in the various organizations in which I worked, and have experience building in a low-code environment. I am a published author and public speaker - my talks center around building efficiency and automation in your business.

Jen Rudd, PMP
If you are looking to find a speaker that will share not only practical strategies but also explain the thinking behind automation and business processes, you are in the right place!
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