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Setting Yourself Up For Success
Whether you are hiring a team or just trying to make your business more streamlined, here are some ways to set yourself up for success.
I often get asked how business owners and entrepreneurs can be more successful in their business. Whether they are starting to grow, are ready to hire team members, or just want to make their business run more efficiently, there are things that ANY business owner can do to make themselves more successful.

First, they need to make their offerings more straightforward. If you need a diagram, a thirty-minute video, or a detailed, long form sales process to help explain to a lead what you can do for them, then you are doing it wrong. It should be easy to understand your different offerings and what a client receives for each. The more that you can help people self-select their offerings without much direction from you, the more you have the ability to deliver your offerings - more time to delight once clients say yes.

You also need to make it as easy as possible for people to purchase from you. While I understand that some service providers and coaches want to be sure that long term clients are a good fit, simple, low touch offerings should be available to purchase immediately. I have often seen websites where you have to dig for a contact form just to ask for a one hour meeting. There are plenty of software services that offer "purchase on demand" booking. Calendly is my favorite for this - especially since it has built in workflows on it's Pro plan.

If you require a meeting before booking - then making it easy for leads to book those discovery calls is also essential. If it takes multiple touches for leads to get on your calendar, they will go elsewhere, where their itch is scratched immediately. You want people to be able to book with you when they are thinking about it and before they get distracted and leave your website.

Once someone is ready to book a higher priced service with you, you should be getting out proposals + booking information immediately. If you have to price out your offerings, be sure that you have ways to quickly price out custom packages. I have a pricing calculator for custom projects, and pre-made proposals, contracts, and an invoicing platform so I can get that out quickly. If it is a straightforward package like my coaching package, that is ready to send out with a few changes to the email that goes out.

Standardizing your offerings helps to get bookings completed faster, and also just makes it easier to deliver consistent results with your offerings. The more you can productize your services, the more you can scale. Productizing your services means you can also document what you do (step by step instructions on how to deliver results) and bring on team members to help you do the things that don't require your specific input.

Keeping strict adherence to your timelines that you are contracting, calling out changes to scope immediately, and having ways to remind your clients what their responsibilities are, what you do and don't do, and also just setting expectations from the outset also ensures that you keep your clients on a steady clip. Things happen, but the more you keep track of where all your clients are and where things are falling off the rails, the more you can keep your business running as efficiently as possible.

Having as much standardized and documented as possible makes it easier to close clients, to keep things organized and moving along, and also makes it easier to scale. If you are reinventing the wheel each time, then you are slowing down the process and also just making it harder to do "all the things each day." But most of all, if everyone follows the same blueprint, there's less variables you have to remember and keep in your head at all times.

So of all of these things, what can you do right now to make your business more streamlined?

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