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What is a Chief Automation Officer?

A chief automation officer could define the scope of a pilot automation project, implement the appropriate architecture and tech stack, lead the development team responsible for carrying out the automation and create the KPIs or benchmarks to measure the project's success. It's all about understanding the potential for automation to make the greatest impact and knowing how to prioritize.

Does Your Organization Need an Automation Center of Excellence?

An automation CoE team is often composed of IT and programming experts aiming to bring process automation to various business units. A CoE can maintain start guides, project templates and reusable open-source components/libraries for teams to leverage. This library of success tools helps the organization scale in a structured environment with a focus on integration and future-planning.

What are the Responsibilities of a Chief Automation Officer?

Workflow Structuring

Automation depends on complete understanding of the internal workflows of the organization. Getting to the root of the outcomes needed, finding efficiencies, and creating structure for workflows are the first steps to creating automation.


Organizations need an action plan to implement automation. Reviewing team member's needs, organizational goals, current processes, as well as stakeholder's vision is crucial to creating a roadmap for automation.

Once needs are identified, a cohesive plan can be created and then presented for stakeholder buy-in. Restructuring the vision into a program of change via various projects will help create an action plan for the organization.


Finding the correct suite of automation tools, as well as the right developers will also be a major factor in the success of automation initiatives. Considerations such as user interface needs, reporting needs, and budgetary considerations will also come into play. Contract negotiation with SaaS products and developers will be included in the CAO's responsibilities.

Program Management

The orchestration of automation into an organization will not only involve the team members, stakeholders, and change makers, but also a selected group of professionals.


Automation initiatives require careful training of users for successful adoption, best practices, and what to do when automation fails. Training will ensure that the team has the best possible outcomes implementing automation in the organization.


Automation allows organizations to uncover new and innovative ways to manage their workflows. As the base level of needs are met for the team, new needs will surface. This is an expected process as once the team has more time to work on higher-level needs, more opportunities arise. By having a CAO involved for the long term in the organization, these new, higher level needs can be addressed and refined for automation.

Hi! I'm Jen! I have obtained my Masters of Business Administration with a focus in Business Analytics and Entrepreneurship from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I have eleven years of experience systemizing businesses, 10 years of experience in various industries before that (from Real Estate Investment Companies, Real Estate Development, Luxury Sales, Wholesale Distribution, Corporate Accounting, and Inventory Management), and I grew up in an engineering/build firm for bulk material handling. I have extensive experience translating the needs of users to software developers in the various organizations in which I worked, and have experience building in a low-code environment. I am a published author and public speaker - my talks center around building efficiency and automation in your business.

Jen Rudd, PMP
With a Chief Automation Officer, you have the ability to make key decisions in your business to build better foundations, create systems and processes for the organization, find efficiencies, and build automation.
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